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Man I don't post enough in here, do I?

I have been so emotional lately. I am so over being pregnant! I don't think I could handle doing this again.

I spent 3ish hours deep cleaning the downstairs today. It looks pretty good but it is still too cluttered for my taste. I think I've started nesting already...

Maddy is snuggling next to me watching some weird Color thing on Netflix. I have no idea what it is but it's pretty weird. BabyFirst? I didn't know it existed but that's what she wanted to watch.

Only 11ish more weeks to go before Nathaniel will get here. This pregnancy has FLOWN by so quick I can't even put it into words.

Alright, with that I'm going to head out and snuggle with the girly :)

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Yeah, that sounds like BabyFirst.
So, I guess my preschooler wasn't the only one who suddenly got all into this show-for-babies. I guess maybe they missed, and got toddlers and preschoolers interested instead of infants!
I think she stopped wanting to watch that at around 4 and a half (I think she started at 3 and a half).

Yeah she loves it!! That and Buddies *shudder*

I miss you. That is SUCH a beautiful name. 11 more weeks? WOW! It has completely flown by. I'm so proud of the woman and mother you are, Karen. So glad to know you.

It has really flown by! Much quicker than when I was pregnant with Maddy.

And thank you. You are so sweet honey. *hugs*

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