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So android finally got an LJ app! I'm pretty sure I'll be updating much more often now.

Spencer and me are on our way up to Idaho to visit Shelby, my mom, Grandma and Aunt Sue. I haven't seen Shelby since before Maddy was born so she finally gets to meet her. It should be a good time as long as we don't run into the ex-douche.

Maddy is 4 and a half months old now. She totally wants to be able to crawl but just doesn't have the coordination yet. It's so awesome watching her grow and learn :)

I got a replacement phone and it works so much better than my old one. It's exciting. And my Smiley faces work finally :)

Anyway I'm gonna go, I don't do well typing or reading in a moving car. ♥

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I'm in Idaho on my work trip! It's beautiful and lush and green here in Twin Falls. My boss' baby is somewhere around the same age as Maddy, and she gets all excited when she sees a toy in front of her, tries to crawl toward it and goes *backwards.* LOL

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