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Another Week...
oo1. Man, I just don't have the time to check in here during the week sadly. I can do Facebook on my phone but I rarely check it from a computer. Between taking care of Maddy, cleaning the house, cooking meals and running errands I just don't have any free time to do online stuff. When I do have free time in the evenings after Maddy goes to bed I hang out with Joe watching shows because we hardly ever have time together anymore.

oo2. Maddy turned 2 months old on Thursday. Man, she's growing up so quickly. She had her 2 month check up with the doctor and her stats were great! She's up to 10lbs 11oz and 23in long. Her head is also 15.5 inches! Yay for her brain growing ;) She got 3 shots and an oral vaccine. She did not like that at all :( She's been really fussy since then but calms down about half an hour after a dose of Tylenol so I've been giving that to her here and there. Poor baby.

oo3. Work has been fairly consistent but slow today. Not a lot of tickets but the phones have kept me pretty busy. I've pumped twice now and got 10oz total so far o.O I quit pumping in the middle of the night because I have such a huge stash in my freezer but now I'm just constantly full all day. At least today I am draining both sides every 3 hours so it doesn't hurt ;)

oo4. Totally random but the soap here in the office bathroom makes my hands dry out and crack badly. Suuuck. I should bring lotion to work tomorrow.

oo5. Amy and her two girls came over last night because she was in town from Moses Lake! We had a really good time and it was great seeing her. I wish she lived closer, we really get along so well. And it's nice having a friend who has kids because they've been there, done that. I dunno, and I feel like I can connect with her more because of that.

oo6. I've noticed that I've started shedding BADLY. I always heard that after pregnancy you lose a lot of hair but it didn't start happening to me until the last week or so. But I'm shedding everywhere! Grosss.

oo7. I suppose I should get to the ticket I've been procrastinating on. Until next week ;)

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I hate public bathroom soap for that very reason. I try to Cary my own soap with me (in addition to lotion).

Yup, I remember the hair shedding and nails going back to normal thickness after pregnancy thing.
A lot of people think it's the prenatal vitamins that make your hair and nails si nice...

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